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Silicone grease / spray for cars

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Today I want to talk to you about the creaking of plastic in the cabin. Even in good qualitative and sometimes a few foreign cars where there is ”cricket”, where something that is creaking. The reasons may be the mass, the very first reason is the temperature difference, for example in the street - 25 or + 25, and then begin to appearsqueaks in the car. Everything is clear, simple physics, heating plastic expands and when cooled is shrinking. Typically, these are not long, “crickets”, killed themselves by warming (winter) or cooling (summer), saloon. But if, nevertheless, ”cricket” does not die, do not rush to dismantle the panel or tuck it in foam, you can helpsilicone grease or silicone spray for cars. How? Read on …….


Silicone grease / spray for cars

Silicone spray for cars

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