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What is the Antilock brake system (ABS)?

Many novice drivers do not understand many terms in the design of cars. There are acronyms, to understand them is not easy! We can help sort out these confusing acronyms, of which you so often ask the internet. One of the first questions that we will answer: – What is ABS?


What is the Antilock brake system (ABS)?

What is the Antilock brake system?

So ABS – Antilock Brake System, working principle is quite simple, ABS does not allow full wheel lock under braking. That is, in simple terms the car during emergency braking, the wheels are not locked and does not go into a skid, it allows you to control the car even on roads with low adhesion, such as snow, rain and mud. Even if you squeezed a full auto brake pedal does not go into a skid.

The principle of ABS (Anti-lock braking systems)

In a car with ABS, the system includes sensors that monitor the speed of one wheel, the other controlling the speed of the car. When emergency braking on slippery surfaces in a vehicle without ABS, the wheels are locked and the car puts on cars with ABS wheel sensor sees that the wheel has stopped, and the car continues to move at this point from the sensor wheel is a signal to the braking system to reduce the inhibitory efforts on the wheel, thanks to the wheel and the car unlocks avoid skidding. The work of the ABS system is needed only when braking.

I have something hits the pedal when braking?

When braking the car with ABS, many probably noticed that the brake pedal is hit back to working on the principle – dot – dash-dot. This is how the ABS, the wheels are locked for a moment, then triggered ABS, is a backlash to the gas pedal and leans back on top, that is a slap in the leg, that’s fine. The more often a heartbeat, the more effective the work of ABS. We must remember not to fear the beating of the pedal, many think that this defect and shake the pedal less, should not do it, remember, the more hits the pedal, the better the ABS!!!

A few tips about the ABS

Many drivers, the so-called old school, reseeding in a car with ABS, with his old car (which is not such a system), are often caught in the accident, all because of stereotype inhibition in the “drift”. Especially in winter, many professional drivers, especially when cornering, allowed a small car in a skid, and then smoothed it with a driver’s skill, also reduces the braking distance braking “speed” on ABS, such maneuvers will not pass, so my advice to you get used to the slow ABS, brake system is very different. I myself am a long time to get used twice nearly made ​​the accident.

My second advice of a dry asphalt. Remember that on dry pavement auto c ABS, emergency braking, stopping distances can increase than a car without ABS. It all depends on the configuration of your system. Once again I repeat to you, get used to your brakes, because they keep you alive.

And lastly, I repeat to you, as if you are not hindered, for whatever forces you cannot put pressure on the brake, the car with ABS, do everything as programmed, the maximum stop your car right!

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