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What is odometer?

Today I will explain to beginners what the odometer. Perhaps many have heard this name, but do not know what it is ……

What is odometer?

What is Odometer?

Odometer – a device that records the mileage (kilometers) of the car. Odometers are mechanical and electronic. Electronic odometer records, not only a full run of the car, but the daily, which is very convenient. Let’s say you can run daily, it is possible to measure the distance to an item, and then calculate the gas mileage. The odometer in a car is one of the indicators. Yes, yes you heard right this state. All because the more mileage (kilometers) of the car which recorded the odometer, the bigger the car should be serviced. Need to travel to the station of the changed arrangements, because of regulations, many of the car is changed, as indicated by the odometer. Therefore, many sellers are not honest, especially dealers (persons engaged in buying – selling cars), adjust the odometer. If a mechanical odometer, then everything is simple, its just wind off back with the help of mechanical stress. But if the odometer is electronic, it is much more difficult to correct, because the mechanical parts is not there. We need a special device that can connect to the car circuits. So cars with electronic odometers are more protected from the adjustment. Although the craftsmen and their unwound. Now I think it became clear that such an odometer.

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