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TSI engine

Many of you dear readers who are interested in German cars, sometimes when choosing a car, for example, Volkswagen or its subsidiary Skoda encounter such a question. What engine is TSI? After all, these brands have common engines and motors have TSI. I also wondered this question and here is the information………..

TSI engine

What is TSI engine?

Everyone has heard about the ordinary engines FSI, volkswagen and skoda, but the TSI engines for the consumer remains a mystery. What kind of engine is TSI? There are many sayings, there is always an expert (who knows everything and heard everything.) I myself when I thought that the engine TSI, a diesel engine. I thought so because TSI engine with a small volume gives more power than a simple turbocharged engine. But there is no engine TSI, it is not diesel.

The most striking representative of the class of TSI, this engine is a 1.4 liter, the company volkswagen. How many awards and critical acclaim he has received well, just a super engine.

Engines TSI – a gasoline engine with Twin Turbo (which contain mechanical compressors) and direct fuel injection. This engine is much more complex conventional turbo engine, but it’s worth noting that the reliability, capacity and efficiency of these engines at a very high level. He has almost no flaws. The device TSI engine is such that a mechanical compressor and turbocharger located on opposite sides of the engine.

TSI engine

Device TSI engine

Ordinary turbocharged engine uses the energy of exhaust gases. Spent gases are hyping themselves turbine wheel, and then through a special drive to create a pumping piston engine, the compressed air. The principle of operation of the old turbo engine more efficient than simple gasoline engine, but not as effective as the engine TSI. Simple turbocharged engine is not very effective at idle and low revs. What is not said about the engine TSI. The only difference TSI engine is that it contains a mechanical compressor, which operates at low revs, but there is also a turbo that runs at high speeds. Thus there is always pumping compressed air into the engine (via a special device). Due to this mechanical compressor engine TSI, power increases dramatically, and less fuel is consumed. Also, a relatively small volume of the engine can achieve very high performance in “horsepower.” So an ordinary turbo engine volkswagen, with the volume of 1.2 liters has a capacity of approximately 80 hp, the engine is TSI – may be issued at the same volume of about 102 hp And TSI engine has no power failures at low revs great attraction as a “down” and “top” speed. Just an amazing symbiosis of such a complex engine.

Cost TSI engine is not much larger than usual internal combustion engine. Version of the car with a 1.4 liter engine (140 hp) will cost about $ 1,000 more expensive, the normal version with the 1.6 liter engine (110 hp). But the quality and efficiency drive will be much higher. What to say in the conclusion of German engineers fellows. Now I hope it was clear that this engine TSI!

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