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Toyota Auris 2012 – 2013

Today, under the heavy camouflage in Europe was seen the new Toyota Auris 2012 -2013. The car is one of the most anticipated not only on the European market, but alsoon the Russian market. So what is it Toyota Auris 2012 – 2013……..

Toyota Auris 2012   2013

Toyota Auris 2013

Initially we thought that the new Toyota Auris, appears on the show in Geneva, but this did not happen, according to rumors the company Toyota, just do not have time to prepare aprototype.

Toyota Auris 2012   2013

Toyota Auris 2013, photo 1

Toyota Auris 2012   2013

Toyota Auris 2013, photo 2

Toyota Auris 2012   2013

Toyota Auris 2013, photo 3

Toyota Auris 2012   2013

Toyota Auris 2013, photo 4

Toyota Auris 2012   2013

Toyota Auris 2013, photo 5

But for now we see in Paris is quite ready to design a car that passes the test city. The new Toyota Auris 2013, was wider and longer than the previous generation car. Now, it is unlikely to be confused with the Toyota Yaris, he gives the impression of a largehatchback serious. You know, I think what it looks like a Honda Civic, especially the front.Due to the large body of the car, interior is also much larger than its predecessor. Toyota Auris 2013, a precursor of a new Toyota Corolla, which should appear with the Auris. Toyota has plans to invest about 355 million dollars on the development of models. Toyota Auris will now be available in two types of bodies, this three-door and five-doorwill start assembling in the UK. The new Toyota Corolla will be made in Turkey. In Europe, the model will go on sale in late 2012, and only then will appear in Russia, it will be in early 2013.

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