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Towing a car with automatic transmission

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Now, a lot of cars become an automatic transmission. An automatic transmission is convenient because you do not need to think what the rate is now included as controlled with the clutch, especially the automatic transmission is popular with girls. But nothing works forever and a car with automatic transmission is broken and needs to be towed to the service. And then there is a legitimate question – and how to tow a car with automatic transmission? And you can tow a car with automatic transmission at all? Let’s think about ……..


Towing a car with automatic transmission

Towing a car with automatic transmission


Automatic transmission, it is of various types. This is – robotic gearbox, the CVT and classic automatic gearbox. In any automatic box contains a large amount of oil. If you have an automatic transmission – a classic (not a robot or CVT), the oil generally is a vital fluid for it. With the oil switch speed and automatic transmission is lubricated. All this is happening with the engine running when the engine is not running, respectively, an automatic transmission not lubricated, which is not good.

Now imagine that you need to tow a car with automatic transmission. The engine’s not running and, therefore, an automatic transmission not lubricated. Towing a car is not desirable! But what do you do? The car must be delivered to the service.

There is a way to not tow a car with automatic transmission, call the tow truck, then all the problems disappear, just load the tow vehicle and drive it to the destination. There are also cars that carry with them a special truck, which rolled the car with automatic transmission, the drive wheels if the front-drive car – front, rear wheel drive if – backwards. Thus, we disengage the drive wheels to the road surface that is an automatic transmission will not movable. But these two ways, quite expensive, hour towing is quite expensive, but imagines that got stuck in traffic; there is no money is not enough.

Therefore, the question can tow a car with automatic transmission? My answer is yes, but with caution.

Every self-respecting car manufacturer in the service book indicates that the towing vehicle with automatic transmission still allowed, but with some conditions. Towing speed “automatic transmission” should be up to 50 km / h and a range of towing up to 50 miles. Also, the lever gearshift should be in position «N» (neutral rate). Well, if you’re in town then this is enough, and if out of town? Here are a few rules to remember.

1) If it is possible to start the engine do it. Engine work force feed pump automatic transmission gear oil, so it will be blurred.

2) If the engine is not running, but the starter motor spins, and then run the starter every 10 – 15 minutes, it will imitate the engine, and somehow, it will lubricate automatic transmission.

3) If the starter does not work, then just lift the drive wheels.

4) If the car is rear-wheel drive, it can disconnect the drive shaft that connects the axle and the gearbox.

5) If you have not specified in the manual range and speed of towing your car with an automatic transmission, you should not neglect the universal rules. Speed ​​- 50 km / h, range – 50 km, when towing.

That’s it. A car with automatic transmission can be towed, but it is not desirable, it is better, or tow or lift the drive wheels.

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