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Sonic vs Accent

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The first battle on our car site, Chevrolet sonic vs Hyundai Accent (Sonic vs Accent). Choose not expensive, but a good car. Mandatory requirements for the vehicle must be an automatic transmission, a good modern economical engine, new technical solutions (usb and bluetooth), an attractive price. Under these parameters are suitable both cars Sonic and Accent. So who is better ……..


Sonic vs Accent

Sonic vs Accent

So, Sonic vs Accent. First we describe the Hyundai Accent.


Sonic vs Accent

Hyundai Accent

Exterior Hyundai Accent. Body is based on Hyndai Accent past generation, but received an update. Appearance is very modern, sleek front, big slicked headlights, front fog lights with an unusual decision, made ​​in the form of a boomerang. The back of the sloping, but also not without its appeal. As for the quality of materials, no complaints here, paint very well applied, is not afraid of small stones, and scratches. All the doors are closed with a well-fitted sound, there is no backlash, a feeling that you close the car a class above. Plastic bumpers are made of good plastic, frost is not damaged, the car ride height 160 mm, which is good for roads with poor surfaces.


Sonic vs Accent

Interior Hyundai Accent

Interior Hyundai Accent. Inside, Hyundai Accent, has good quality finishing materials, seats, especially the front, have good lateral support, a long way in the car quite well tolerated. Front comfortably accommodate two people, but the rear will be comfortable with only two passengers, three still too small, so even if your height greater than 5.5 feet, then you run into the ceiling of the roof. Interior Hyundai Accent, may transfer the maximum comfort, to the fullest version of the vehicle has everything from the climate – control and ending with partial leather trim. Standard GLS equipment includes almost everything you need, air conditioning, audio system + control on the steering wheel + 6 speakers, the function of ECO, Power windows, Dual power and heated bodycolor side mirrors, Power door locks with remote keyless entry, usb and ipad input, 6 – speed manual transmission or optional six-speed automatic transmission. Noise isolation is not a very good car, it is necessary to improve its own.


Sonic vs Accent

Engine Hyundai Accent

Engine Hyundai Accent. Koreans are very tried and created a really high-quality product which is called Project Gamma. Engines for a long time not only proved the positive side. Engines – quiet, efficient, dynamic, even in automatic vehicle speed very impressive. The most popular 1.6-liter engine (138 hp). Fuel consumption of the engine, incredible 40-mpg highway and 29-mpg city.

Transmission Hyundai Accent. There is a manual transmission has six steps. But for an extra fee you can put the automatic transmission in 6 stages.

Suspension Hyundai Accent. The first car had a large defect in the form of a bad rear suspension, the car even at high speeds is not diverted from the road, to go was not possible. But the Hyundai Accent, has been finalized and is now a serious problem with the suspension disappeared. There is a road car rear disc holds up well.

Hyundai Accent Price. Trim a lot, the minimum version of the car with 1.6 liter engine and manual transmission is $ 14.545 body – sedan. The maximum version of the Accent with an engine of 1.6 liters (hatchback), and an automatic transmission, is $ 17.870.

Now the second contender in our battle Sonic vs Accent

Chevy Sonic


Sonic vs Accent

Chevy Sonic

Exterior Chevrolet Sonic. The car received a new body in 2012 and now is not as boring as it was before. Appearance, of course, the new aggressive. Shark front hood and four headlamps give the car a certain sportiness, the car in front is 110% out of 100. But all the ardor cools off at the sight of the rear of the car is “boring” headlights. The design and location of the lamps is poor, large rear glass also enhances the beauty, I want to say that the car is not a finished design. Beautiful front and no back. As for painting the body have no complaints about the car painted just fine, gaps in the margin of the body, everything is closed up and running as needed. But that’s only lowered the glass has a small vibration. When you close the door, there is a small third-party sound vibrations, or shell, or glass, it is not very good, the opponent of the Hyundai Accent there is a minus Sonic.


Sonic vs Accent

Interior Chevy Sonic

Interior Chevrolet Sonic. The front panel has a motorcycle display, as if alluding to a young style of car. Backlighting blue, I would say neon blue on top, can be a bit annoying, but after a few minutes you get used to, and there are convenient adjust backlight brighter or less the opposite. The front panel is quite not bad although it has a hard plastic, like the Accent. Inside there is a radio with steering wheel controls, the necessary usb and aux inputs. Readability of devices is good, not looking at the blue monochromatic light. But the door trim worse than the opponent, then even at high plastic trim, fabric trim there. Plastic two colors, which creates a certain separation of the doors, very original. At Chevrolet Sonic at the bar all sorts of pockets and glove compartments, then a double glove box, a small upper section and down a lot. Seats Chevrolet Sonic is somewhat worse, as well as lateral support and the material itself. But I want to say that the cabin is more spacious, the rear is fit three people in relative comfort, the Accent three, will be crowded. Interior Chevrolet Sonic loses a little cabin on the Accent trim, but some gains in spaciousness.


Sonic vs Accent

Engines Chevrolet Sonic

Engines Chevrolet Sonic, two. The first is the engine – 1.8 liters (138 hp – 4-cylinder). The engine has great elasticity, it is quite quiet in the cabin it is not audible. Fuel economy – 40-mpg highway and 27-mpg city. The second – a turbocharged 1.4-liter (138HP – 4 cylinder), with less has the same power, lower fuel consumption. Fuel economy – 45-mpg highway and 30-mpg city.

Transmission Chevrolet Sonic. Manual transmission has six gears. Automatic transmission has six gears.

Suspension Chevrolet Sonic. Suspension Chevy Sonic works well, not swallowed small smoothness and confidence is the big hole. When cornering, the car is not the big banks, all within tolerance. And that’s not enough car soundproofing however, as the Accent. Also, I do not really understand the clearance of the car. According to official sources, and site clearance of 160 mm, but there is a rubber front overhang that conceals another 30 mm, a total of 130 mm is obtained, it is not enough, especially for roads with poor surfaces.

Price Chevrolet Sonic, the biggest plus of the car. Trim Chevy Sonic a lot. The basic version starts from $ 13.865, a complete set LS, only a manual transmission. The maximum version of Sonic, with the turbo 1.4-liter engine and automatic transmission is $ 17.925.

Complete a Chevy Sonic – six

LS Manual - $13,865

LS features ECOTEC 1.8L 4-cylinder engine, 5-speed manual transmission, OnStar Directions & Connections for the first six months, 10 standard air bags, and StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control System. Remote Keyless Entry and 15-inch aluminum wheels are also standard.

LS Automatic - $14,935

LS features ECOTEC 1.8L 4-cylinder engine, 6-speed  automatic transmission, OnStar Directions & Connections for the first six months, 10 standard air bags, and StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control System. Remote Keyless Entry and 15-inch aluminum wheels are also standard.

LT Manual - $15,065

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