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Silicone grease / spray for cars

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Today I want to talk to you about the creaking of plastic in the cabin. Even in good qualitative and sometimes a few foreign cars where there is ”cricket”, where something that is creaking. The reasons may be the mass, the very first reason is the temperature difference, for example in the street - 25 or + 25, and then begin to appearsqueaks in the car. Everything is clear, simple physics, heating plastic expands and when cooled is shrinking. Typically, these are not long, “crickets”, killed themselves by warming (winter) or cooling (summer), saloon. But if, nevertheless, ”cricket” does not die, do not rush to dismantle the panel or tuck it in foam, you can helpsilicone grease or silicone spray for cars. How? Read on …….


Silicone grease / spray for cars

Silicone spray for cars

Of course you want to have your, not cheap foreign car, no creaking, even in the same place. In foreign car will help us a silicone spray. Usually creak or fastening the rear seat, or gum on the door (if dirty). Rarely but sometimes plastic front panel, and sometimes fixing or fastening seat belts. And basically starts creaking, either immediately (this is the factory defect, we go and eliminate the guarantee), or a year later say. Let me explain why there are over a year, all just appear because a year later under the plastic packed dust, then it is the main cause creaking. Now about the silicone spray for the car of a hundred, I will not enumerate. But believe me,after this process the problematic place silicone spray for car scratches disappear. But remember before youprocess the silicone oil, the problem area, you need to cleanse it well. I’m on my FORD FUSION, squeakingrubber gasket door after cleaning and lubricating the squeak stopped.


Silicone grease / spray for cars

grease seal the doors

After treatment with silicone grease seals, you can also avoid freezing doors to the body in cold disguised time.


Silicone grease / spray for cars

Grease lock car doors

There is also a type of silicone lubricant, which is used mostly in winter, this silicone lubricant for door locksand hatch tank. It should handle the body, after washing the car, so locks are not frozen.

That’s how easy and quickly you can eliminate the creaking in the cabin. I hope someone is helped, read our AUTO BLOG will be interesting.

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