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Parktronic, which is ?

Today I want to talk about little things such as parking sensors. Of course experienced driver knows what it is anddo not need explanations, but our paper is not for them, and for novice drivers, which are only just starting their waymotorists. So today we’ll talk about parking sensors, it is and why it is needed …….

Parktronic, which is ?

Parktronic, which is ?

Parktronic, a very necessary thing, especially in the city. It works on the principle of sonar that is in simple wordsParktronic, lets ultrasonic waves (40 kHz), which act at a distance of 0.25 - 1.7 meters.


Parktronic, which is ?

Parktronic ultrasonic waves

When your car back to close to an obstacle, Parktronic starts sending waves that bounce off the obstacle and back parking sensors to the receiver, thus telling you the distance to the object. That is such a device with a parking lot easier, no longer have to twist my head back and watch as it does not hurt standing behind the car, parking sensors will tell you the distance a sound signal, and the closer the object, the stronger the signal will be. Parktronics are only sound (report distance sound), and they come with a proximity sensor (there are sound and LCD display that shows numbers or colors of the object distance, the distance a large green, yellow – satisfactory and red – very small). Parktronics put on the cars as a rule in the rear bumper, the bumper rather put it themselves transmitters of ultrasonic waves. On expensive cars like Mercedes, BMW, AUDI parking assistance is already in the basic equipment the car, but on the lower class car parking sensors rare visitor, but many places it yourself installation design is improved from year to year, now there are no wired parktronics, that is, the block and the sensors are not connected by wires as before, and communicate with each other by means of radio communication. Hope was a little obvious that this parking sensors.

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    Parking sensors  important

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