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Paint thickness gauge

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Today I sold my FORD FUSION, nothing against on this machine but I can not say it’s time, so to speak. But todayno article about it, today I want to tell you about the right device, called a paint thickness gauge, many also called a crash check tester. For what it is and how it works read more …….

Paint thickness gauge

Paint thickness gauge

So what is the thickness of paint cover? This instrument measures the thickness of which is the primer, paint and varnish itself. It also takes into account the rust and dirt, but not significantly. That is, in simple terms, we can saythat measures the thickness of paint coating the distance from the upper layer of the body to the metal. The thing isvery useful and help you identify not honest sellers, who have assured that the car is not broken. So, buying, thickness of paint cover, you can, with a very high degree of accuracy, to determine the thickness of thepaint. If a certain part of the body has a thickness of paint is much more than the rest of the body, it is a directcause for concern. So this part was in an accident. What is not good. And if the seller says that the machine was not broken, then this device will bring it to clean water. By the way my FORD FUSION, tested in exactly the samethickness gauge, body in good order. I did not cheat customers, and I run or twist, even though many advised. It’s not my style. Yes thickness worth the money, swill the cheapest costs around 70 - $ 100, but imagine if you buy an expensive foreign car, and thickness will serve you in good stead. In the worst case, you can get an additional discount on the car.

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