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New volkswagen Golf 7

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In September 2012 September 4, the company Volkswagen, plans to show its new Golf, the body is already in the seventh. The car is kept in the strictest confidence. But the first photos appeared on the German electronic journal AUTOBILD. These photos, we present to your attention…….

New volkswagen Golf 7

New volkswagen Golf 7

What to expect from the new Volkswagen Golf 7?

New volkswagen Golf 7

New volkswagen Golf 7, photo 1

First, this new lightweight modular platform «Modularer Querbaukasten». Through this platform, the car has lowered significantly in weight. Approximately 100 – 180 pounds. Place thanks to this platform in the cabin and trunk Volkswagen Golf 7 will be added.

Secondly, Volkswagen Golf 7 will be more, its dimensions change. The car will be a few inches wider and longer.

New volkswagen Golf 7

New volkswagen Golf 7, photo 2

Third, Volkswagen Golf 7 will receive a number of advanced options. This recognition of road signs, automatic parking, a new kind of cruise – control (automatically without the driver moving in traffic jams), emergency braking system, as well as the system recognizes a tired driver (the driver does not sleep).

Fourth, the engine Volkswagen Golf 7. Will the old is already proven, and new high-tech. The former include, engines TSI: 1.2 liter (105 hp) 1.4 liter (122 hp) 1.4 liter (140 hp) and 2.0 liter (220 hp ..) Diesel engines are 90, 110, 150, 180 hp And here is the new, 110 hp running on natural gas. A new electric version, which is called E-Golf E85, with a capacity of 122 hp Hot version of the Golf-R, will receive a four-wheel drive transmission and DSG, 290 hp turbocharged engine.

Fifth. Prices for Volkswagen Golf 7 should not be much larger.

The photographs are not the exact image of the car. This is a reproduction of designers. But the wait is not much, 4 September, the company declassify appearance of the new Volkswagen Golf 7.

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