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Metallic paint

Today I want to talk about colors for the car, namely the metallic paint. Many read, when buying a car that is painted metallic paint, but what exactly is this paint, and where does it come from, nobody knows. Yes, and why it is expensive, sometimes for painting car paint, metallic, car price rises at least 300 - $ 700. So why is it expensive? Why it is appreciated? And why do they all want cars painted with metallic paint, read on ……..

Metallic paint

Metallic paint

So first I want to explain something of the same enamel is the car? Ordinary enamel car consists of three main components: - a pigment, a link and a solvent.

Pigment - a fine powder composition, which gives the paint color, sometimes it can give, and other properties, such as protecting the body from corrosion.

Link - as the name implies, this layer keeps the pigment on the surface. After dyeing and drying, the surface forms a smooth and shiny coat.

Solvent - the main purpose of the solvent, is to give the paint flow. That it can be applied to the surface of the car, a more convenient way, such as spraying. Although the solvent and is, a large part of paint, the main function of thisdilution of paint, so after painting, the solvent must, to the maximum quickly removed from the surface. Therefore, many manufacturers make the solvent of volatile liquids.

That’s one of these components and is enamel for the car, but what about metallic paint, than it is any different from ordinary auto enamel?

Metallic Paint

Metallic paint, it is more complex in its composition paint. Along with the three main components of auto paint that we listed above (pigment, solvent and connecting link) in the ink composition of the present one. This thin layer of aluminum powder, the particles mixed with automotive enamel and create the impression of a metallic luster. The thing is that the aluminum particles reflect light and create the effect of glow paint. However, the technology of painting, with metallic paint is much more difficult. Metallic Paint should be placed evenly, otherwise, if the metallic coat of paint is not even on the surface will be visible spots. On metallic paint, they are particularly visible. Aluminum particles may form part of any automotive enamel. Also, these particles protect the paint from fading prematurely, as well as protecting the body from corrosion. Now you know what a metallic paint. And it is more expensive because of the complex composition, the mixture itself, as well as for more sophisticated application.And it looks better on the car, but for the beauty you have to pay.

That’s all, I hope our AUTO BLOG, to someone shed some light on this question

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