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Automatic transmission vs Manual transmission

A lot of debate on this issue, “automatic transmission vs manual transmission.” Many people can not stand the automatic transmission, proving that there is nothing better mechanics (manual transmission). Conversely, many say that it is convenient “automatic transmission” and I will never go back to a manual transmission. Everyone is right in his. But what is the best automatic transmission or manual transmission? Let’s think about……

Automatic transmission vs Manual transmission

Automatic transmission vs Manual transmission

I will try to tell you about each type of transmission separately. So, the first in our article “Automatic transmission vs Manual Transmission”, will talk about the manual transmission.

Manual transmission

Automatic transmission vs Manual transmission

Manual Transmission

Manual transmission car. For now, suffice technically advanced transmission. We no longer remember the manual transmission on 4 assists, but more so on 3. But in the early development of a manual transmission, the gear was only 2. Technological breakthrough has added another transfer, and 50 – 60 years of the last century manual transmission had three assists. Now other speed, and technology “stepped forward”, so the minimum number of gears in a manual transmission it – five. But now there is a mechanical transmission in the six gears. I think this is not the limit. So what’s the manual transmission than an automatic transmission? Let us examine the points.

Advantages of manual transmission

1) The dynamics of a car from an ordinary manual transmission rather than an automatic transmission. With a manual transmission you can “unwind” the engine, to the “red zone”, but the automatic transmission will shift gears at certain speeds (if you go to the manual mode is not automatic transmission), so the dynamics of a few seconds faster in a manual transmission than automatic transmission.

2) When the driving skills and quick gear changes, you can achieve fuel economy on the manual transmission, the automatic transmission will make that difficult. Automatic transmission is not recommended for speed in neutral.

3) Mechanical Transmission, compared with an automatic transmission requires less transmission oil. In the automatic transmission to be shed from 6 to 10 liters of transmission oil. In manual transmission about 3 liters.

4) In the winter the car with manual transmission is easier to get. First, the less oil in the transmission, and secondly, when you press the clutch pedal, as if you turn off the manual transmission from the engine, respectively, when starting the engine load decreases.

5) Repair. Manual transmission, much cheaper to repair an automatic transmission, manual transmission can make practically any, not even the official of the company.

6) Last, winter driving. In a car with a manual transmission can be safely “slip” in the snow, the automatic transmission is not desired, the transmission oil can overheat.

Cons manual transmission

1) So, the first minus the manual transmission, in our article “Automatic transmission vs Manual transmission” is the convenience of driving. The most significant disadvantage of mechanical transmission, it is easy to drive. Novice drivers for a long time getting used to the manual transmission.

2) Clutch. Novice drivers in cars with manual transmission, the clutch can easily burn the car, because of inexperience. And this is a costly repair, automatic transmission, this will not happen.

3) Engine life. Life of the engine in a car with a manual transmission is much lower than in a car with an automatic transmission. This is because the automatic transmission does not give you the “raping” the engine, spin it to the limit.

At the same time, all of a manual transmission, in our article on “Manual transmission vs Automatic transmission” is an automatic transmission (automatic).

Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmission vs Manual transmission

Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmissions are not the same. Automatic transmission, there are many at this time known types – a robot, automatic transmission and CVT. I must say that car manufacturers have also evolved with automatic transmissions. First, the number of transfers also increased, from three to six, and soon there will be an eight-speed automatic transmission. Second, the automatic transmissions are becoming more sophisticated, there are no major delays in the dispersal of the car, fuel economy for vehicles with automatic transmission increases. But the automatic transmission there are downsides.

Disadvantages of automatic transmission, once again.

1) Classical automatic transmission accelerates slower than manual transmission

2) The classic automatic transmission only has 4-D transmission and manual transmission five assists.

3) Classical automatic transmission consumes more fuel

4) More oil in an automatic transmission

5) In the winter start harder

6) The cost of a car is more expensive by 1 – 2 thousand dollars

7) The cost of repair is more expensive than a manual transmission.

Plus automatic transmission

Pros want to discuss the details, because automatic transmissions are different.

1) Acceleration of automatic transmission is different. Yes, the classic automatic transmission for 4-D transfer slower than manual transmission. But now there are variable speed and automatic transmissions on the 6 and 7 assists a two-disc clutch, they are not as effective as manual transmission, sometimes it is superior. For example, variable superior mechanical transmission, as well as automatic transmission DSG from Volkswagen.

2) Automatic Transmission (4 assists) uses more fuel, but if you compare the modern automatic transmission and variable speed (6 speed or continuously variable transmission). Fuel consumption is lower than with a manual transmission.

3) Ease of driving a car with automatic transmission above. Not an experienced driver can safely and without nerves and jerks to pull away without making an emergency.

4) The resource engine and transmission assemblies, much higher. Automatic transmission control speed and not let the engine overheat.

As you can see the question – “Automatic transmission vs Manual transmission” is not easy. Whom that want comfort and fast driving training, which provides automatic transmission. Someone you need to “unwind” the engine to its limits, to feel the speed and drive, it provides a manual transmission. In any case, both transmissions have a right to life. That’s all.

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