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1 DIN and 2 DIN car stereo

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Many novice motorists, after buying the car, trying to improve it, beautify, in general, do better. Sooner or later the question arises as to the purchase or replacement of the radioin the car. Of course, if you have a foreign car, then this issue may not arise, because many of the cars radio, this is an integral part of the panel. But the craftsmen and theirchange. You have come to the store and the seller asks you a question: – And what is your tape recorder? 1-DIN or 2 DIN? The brain is said on one side? What is the difference you do not know. Let’s now talk about 1 DIN and 2 DIN car stereo…….


1 DIN and 2 DIN car stereo

1 DIN and 2 DIN car stereo

Where did the name at all DIN and what it stands for?

What is a DIN?

DIN – «Deutsche Industriele Norme», or in plain language, “the German industry norm.” That is a concern not only to the car stereo, but also to a lot of nothing. And the Germans decided to make the dimensions of the same type of car stereo, and measure them in the DIN and the whole world was also measured in a DIN, as the Germans are the legislators, automotive fashion. That is standard DIN car stereo is urged by all to one size, height, depth, and seat, all should be the same. This is done to universality, that is, no matter what carand what kind of car stereo, they should fit together.

1 DIN и 2 DIN

All the difference as you might have guessed in size. That is, 2 DIN, the height is the size of 1 DIN car stereo multiplied by 2. All dimensions are strictly regulated.

1-DIN car stereo has a size

1 DIN and 2 DIN car stereo

1 DIN car stereo

180 mm (width) x 50 mm (height)

2-DIN car stereo has a size

1 DIN and 2 DIN car stereo

2 DIN car stereo

180 mm (width) x 100 mm (height)

In the 1-DIN car stereo slot can not put the unit 2 DIN. Conversely, a 2 DIN slot will be difficult to establish a 1-DIN car stereo, will be a hole. Basically that’s all the difference.
Finally I want to say that 2 DIN car stereo, more functional, manufacturers make them with touch screens, navigation, TV, wifi, rear-view function, usb and sd outputs and a lot ofnothing. Therefore, the overall trend is such that virtually all modern cars slot car radio has a 2 DIN connector.

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