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New Skoda Octavia

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And what about security? It’s all right! Nine airbags, control markings and signs on the road, improved cruise control, brake assist, traction control for driver fatigue, as well as automatic parking attendant. As you can see is full, but that’s not all. The new Skoda Octavia, will receive an additional small “amenities” such as – a two-way floor, glue the triangles to the load in the trunk, reflective vest, and scraper tank hatches. It seems that Skoda wants to break its competitors.

Engines new Octavia, known in Europe as long as what we are not yet known. The base engine for the European consumer is 1.2 liter turbo (105 hp), followed by the best option hodoy turbocharged 1.4-liter (140 hp), and the most powerful 1.8-liter. In Europe, the diesel variant will be required, the 1.6-liter, while its consumption per 100 kilometers is just 3.4 liters.

It is known that the new Skoda Octavia, will appear in 2013, but that’s what will be the prices and what configuration it is not known what to look forward to. If the price of the car will be adequate, then the success of the car is guaranteed.

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